The principles that were laid down when the club was formed are as relevant to-day as they were in 1954, and as a non-profit making club we consider our pricing structure to be fair and competitive.

At present 50 Clays cost £9.00 for members and £11.00 for Non-members.

12 Gauge felt wad Cartridges are also on sale at £5.50 per box of 25.

You can supply and use your own cartridges if you wish, but please be advised that only Felt Wad Cartridges are permitted up to 28gram maximum load and shot size No7.

Membership is available, offering shooting at the reduced member’s prices, Membership is £30 P.A. and runs from 1st August to the 31st July, BUT we operate a sliding subscriptions scale where the price is reduced for late joiners.

Prospective new members are required to make a probationary attendance of two visits before membership is granted, this is to ensure that if required novice shooters receive instruction in “Safe Gun Handling” from our safety officers, and that established guns adhere to good practices.

If you would like more information or would like to apply for membership to the club, please visit our venue on any Sunday morning and see us, or contact the club secretary via the website contact form, and finally if you are unable to attend a shoot morning but still prefer the personal touch, you can talk to the secretary or his deputy by telephone on the numbers provided.